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Hello and welcome to my website. While I've been writing for over ten years, I've recently embarked on a new, exciting phase of my career. Please feel free to poke about my site, and I'm always ecstatic to hear from my readers, so drop me a line, or sign up for notices whenever I have news or post something new!


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I was born in the tropics, Jamaica to be precise, lived in the frozen North (Ontario, Canada) for a number of years, and now reside in sunny central Florida with my husband. I'm a proud Mama to three grown children, love tea, crafting, animals (except reptiles!), bacon, and the ocean. I firmly believe in the power of romance to heal, inspire and provide hope in our complex world.

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It's almost here! Release day is September 1st, 2018! I'm so excited for you to meet Nychelle and David!


The Surgeon's One Night to Forever

December 1, 2018

Set in New York City, The Surgeon's One Night to Forever is a steamy story of two very reluctant lovers who, despite everything, find each other irresistible. And find peace in each other's arms. Available now!


Surgeon Prince, Cinderella Bride

August 1st, 2019

A year-long contract... to marry a stranger. In a tropical paradise Dr. Sara Greer discovers her roots, and ecstasy in the arms of Prince Farhan. Now if she can just guard her heart so as not to leave it behind in Kalyana!


The Nurse's Christmas Temptation

October 1st, 2019

Harmony Kinkaid doesn't plan on celebrating Christmas. Can Dr. Cam MacRurie change her mind?


Awakened by Her Brooding Brazilian

April 1st, 2020

The playboy surgeon—
and the shy workaholic!


Best Friend to Doctor Right

July 1, 2020

Sometimes the deepest desire…
…is the one you’ve hidden the longest.


Christmas with her lost-and-found lover

October 1st, 2020

He’s walked back into her life—
After half a lifetime…


Night shifts with the Miami Doc

March, 2020

From fast-paced hospital days…
To slow, sultry nights!


Island fling with the surgeon

August, 2021

Or more than she bargained for?

Island Fling with the Surgeon.JPG
Christmas Miracle in Jamaica.JPG

Christmas Miracle in Jamaica

November, 2021

’Tis the season

For surprises!

Several Open Books

"I love you - I am at rest with you - I have come home"

Dorothy Sayers


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